Talentfunding for Startups

We connect developers, designers, marketers, and other talent with promising startups on simple terms. Share the upside without the complexities of equity.  


Help Startups Grow. Share in their Success.

Invest Your Talent

You have the skills that startups need but you don't want to work for free (or forever). Don't let that stop you from getting started.

Set the Terms

With our Shared Success Agreement you decide how much to get paid now and how much earn via revenue share. From 0-100%.

Create Future Cash Flows

Earn a share of the startup's revenue at a multiple that you determine. Invest current capacity to create future cash flows.

Introducing the Shared Success Agreement

It's easy to spend precious time and resources working out agreement details for projects that may never get anywhere. We've developed a simple and flexible Shared Success Agreement based on our own experience as founders and working with clients.


The agreement is at the core of Nimbus, but you can use it for any project for free!